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Mint Hill Arts Gallery Crawl tonight


Mint Hill Arts will have a gallery reception tonight to kick off the exhibition, “The view through the lens: a photographic journey.” The event takes place at the gallery in The Grace Building and lasts from 7-9 pm. In the above picture, Mint Hill Arts volunteers make last minute adjustments before tonight’s gallery crawl

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ cuts could be deep

CMS is examining all possibilities in trying to locate positions that can be cut to meet the expected shortfall in funds for 2009-2010. Superintendent Dr. Peter Gorman said they are trying to keep the cuts away from the classroom, but he might not have a choice.

“Once you get into the $50 million to $100 million range, there really is no place else to go,” Dr. Gorman told the Board.”

At Independence High School, Judy Kidd, who is the president of the North Carolina Classroom Teacher’s Association, as well as a teacher at the Big I, worries that the cuts in security could be too deep. Under the proposed cuts, high schools would lose as many as five security officers.

“It’s a safety and security issue,” Kidd said. “We can’t get proper supervision and safety with the numbers we have now.”

The CMS press release: […]

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