On January 24, Trendy Tots will be sponsoring a birthday party for Birthday Blessings.  Birthday Blessings is a non profit charity that goes into battered women’s shelters and throws birthday parties for the children who are living there.  This is the only birthday party  that many of the kids will ever have. [singlepic=220,320,240,,right]Cassie and I have been blessed to have a stable and loving home for our families and we just wanted to be able to help out with those who are not as fortunate as us.  On average there are anywhere from 15-20 children living in the shelter and they will all get to enjoy this fun filled day.  Birthday Blessings will be providing a clown for the party but it is up to us to do the rest.  We will be providing:  meal and beverages, party supplies, decorations, goodie bags, and the cake.  Our goal is to raise $500 to help make this day the best that it can be.  We are asking every consignor to donate $1 of their store credit to help make this a special day for the innocent children living in the shelter.  We will be taking donations at the store or you can simply email me if you would like to contribute and how much you would like to contribute.  I know this will be a great success because I believe in our community and I believe in our consignors!!!!

Thank you so much in advance!!!!

Bethany Shoaf

Trendy Tots