Former Independence star enters NFL draft

[singlepic=521,320,240,,center][Photo by Mark Sward]

Hakeem Nicks, who leads UNC all time in catches, receiving yards and touchdown receptions, announced today he plans to enter the 2009 NFL draft. The junior wide receiver helped Independence win four consecutive state championships from 2002-2005.


Tips for winter planting from the NC Cooperative Extension Service

In Mecklenburg County, the Cooperative Extension Service is part of Park and Recreation and offers the following tips for gardeners in January:[singlepic=520,320,240,,right]
• Fertilize broad-leaved evergreens in the winter or spring. Fertilizing in the late summer induces late-season growth that is susceptible to winter injury.
• Winter is the time to apply dormant oil sprays to kill overwintering mites, aphids, and scale on deciduous trees and shrubs. Spray oils when temperatures are above 40 F, but not within 24 hours of a freeze. Because the oil kills insects by suffocation, avoid spraying on windy days to ensure that all surfaces of the plant are covered.
• Some plants that should be pruned in later winter or early spring are hydrangea, butterfly bush, Rose-of-Sharon, hibiscus and other summer-flowering shrubs that flower on new growth.


Civics 101 class offered by Kid’s Voting

Want to learn how local government works by attending real government meetings, finding out where government gets its money, who makes decisions and more? Participate in the exciting teen program Youth Civics 101 (YC101)! Sessions include: Board of Education, City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, the Courts and the media. Next course: Winter 2009.[singlepic=519,320,240,,right]
YC101 is open to all teens in the Charlotte area and is sponsored by Kids Voting and the League of Women Voters in partnership with local governments. The next class will start in February 2009 and meet twice a month. Most classes will be on Tuesday evenings, with one Monday class. All classes will be 6-8 pm.
To register for YC101, contact Kids Voting at or 704-343-6999 with your name, your grade, your school, your email address and phone number. Registration is limited to 45 participants so sign up now!
There is a one-time $20 fee for Youth Civics 101 (some scholarships are available). You can pay this when you attend the first class. Parents who wish to sit in on the class may do so on a space-available basis and will also pay this fee. The fee covers course materials and dinner.
After you register, you will receive the course schedule and other information.
You can also visit the homepage and sign up for our e-newsletter and receive information about YC101 registration and other Kids Voting opportunities through the year.
Questions? Contact Kids Voting at or 704-343-6999.