Why do these snowmen look unhappy?


You would be unhappy too if slowly melting away in 50 degree weather. That’s what it was like for these snowmen in neighborhoods off Brief Road last Thursday. After getting several inches of snow in the Mint Hill area Tuesday, kids quickly built their snowmen. Some, like the ones below, survived several more days before slowly melting back into the earth. One family decided the best way to celebrate the snow was to add a basketball sized snowball on top of their mailbox. To each, their own.


Mint Hill man dies in helicopter crash

Mark Bartlett of Mint Hill died in helicopter crash this morning. According to published reports, the helicopter clipped a power line and crashed in Monroe. Bartlett was 46 years old. A second man, Justin Travis, was also involved in the crash and was taken to a nearby hospital. He was awake and conscious. Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said Bartlett was the pilot and that the helicopter crashed at 10:35 am. According to the Monroe Enquirer Journal:

“It was just a big explosion,” said Charles Sturgis, who lives at 1402 Woodland Ave., near the crash site. “It shook my whole house.”


Myrick to speak today in support of Lance, Inc and its fine peanut butter products

Lance crackers is a North Carolina institution. That’s why Rep. Sue Myrick is going to bat for them on the floor of Congress this afternoon. Here’s what she is going to say:

“Madam Speaker –
I rise today to stand behind Lance Inc., a snack food company based in my district.
Lance is the #1 seller of peanut butter crackers in US grocery stores.  It operates manufacturing plants in seven states.  Lance products can be found in grocery stores, convenience stores, hospitals, schools and vending machines across the country.
Lance products have not been affected by the nationwide peanut butter recall caused by the salmonella outbreak.  Continue reading


Letter of support needed for town grant

Mint Hill is applying for the NCDOT Safe Routes to Schools Grant, and as they asked with the last grant, Letters of Support from Community members and Stakeholders are requested.  The grant, if awarded, would provide funding to design and build a sidewalk along Bain School Road from Fairview Road to the Meadows of Mint Hill Subdivision. Visit the Web site the town created or call Dana Clukey if you have any
questions: 704-545-9726 or www.minthill.com/SRTS


Mint Hill Police need help locating owners for found property


Mint Hill Police is trying to return found property to its rightful owners.  The propertyTechnician, Detective Sgt Moberg, is asking anyone who may have lost any of the following items to contact her at (704) 545-1085.  You must be able to give specific information about the items, such as brands, model numbers, serial numbers, colors,  distinguishing marks, etc. in order to claim the items.  The list below details the types of items that have been found and turned into police:

Various hand tools (non-powered and power)
CD players


Joe Cox is ready to lead Georgia


And according to this AP story, the former Independence High School star is not going to do it quietly.

“I like being vocal,” he said. “I like being loud. That’s just how I play and hopefully if I can transfer that to just a couple other people on the team it could spread like wildfire.  I always looked to Brett Favre and how he played and how he went crazy on the field and that’s just the type of guy I want to be when I play.”

Cox has played three years behind starting QB Matthew Stafford. But Stafford is off to the NFL, and Cox will get a chance his senior season to lead a talented Georgia Bulldogs to a national championship.