N.C. Smoking ban legislation heats up


Tired of going into smoke filled restaurants? The North Carolina legislature is kicking around the idea of a sweeping smoking ban that could allow municipalities to have the power to eliminate smoking from public places. Senator Eddie Goodall, who represents Mint Hill, Union County and some of Matthews, is hesitant to support ban.

“We’ve got to be so careful about chipping away from individual decisions that people can make for themselves,” said Sen. Eddie Goodall, R-Union. “You (already) clearly have a choice when you walk into a restaurant to determine whether they allow smoking or not.”

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6 comments on “N.C. Smoking ban legislation heats up
  1. Senator Goodall is totally correct!

    I don’t understand why people, smoker or not, aren’t outraged by the bill. It will ban smoking in all public places and restaurants. For me, I’m not outraged because I want to be able to smoke in a restaurant, I’m outraged because it’s the government telling private business owners what they can do in their own establishments. People will make arguments about how its a health issue, or a health insurance rate issue, but that’s all a smoke screen. If I own a bar, and I allow smoking, and you don’t like cigarette smoke, YOU DON’T HAVE TO COME TO MY BAR. Just like, if you don’t like scuba diving with sharks, then pick a different diving company. As a private business owner, I should have the right to decide what goes on in my establishment as long as it’s legal. Cigarettes are legal.

  2. The problem is that is that NC is not a progressive state and there are currently not many businesses that are smoke free. In addition, most business owners feel that they will lose business when switching to a non-smoking environment. Smoking bans in other states already support that smoking bans cause no business losses over a 6 month period. How lazy are your customers that they can’t go outside to smoke? And have you ever thought about the benefits of owning and running a non-smoking business? If you had, you would realize the benefits outweigh your PRIVATE RIGHTS ethics. I’m not outraged at all about the smoking ban that is running through legislation and on January 1st of 2010, I’ll be a much happy customer where ever I choose to go in this state!

  3. It seems like everyday the state or federal government is voting on banning something. They are getting way to involved in our lives and our business.

  4. I think its great they are thinking of banning smoking from restaurants. My family and I are non smokers. Every restaurant I go to It is a pain when I’m trying to eat and the man next to me is smoking a big cigar or lighting up one cigarette after another. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. People would like to actually go out to a restaurant or a bar without cigarette smoke going up their nose the whole time. Even though restaurants have a smoking and non smoking section it’s basically non effective because all they do is put a little wall in between the booths to establish both sections, but the smoke always rises above and around the wall and the whole restaurant stinks. For example Outback steakhouse and Texas roadhouse grill. Smokers don’t think about secondhand smoke, they probably don’t care to realize that their smoking gave someone that didn’t smoke cancer. I also think it is pure lazyness that people can’t get up to go outside. My best friend lives in Florida where smoking in public places is banned and she is a smoker. She said she would actually rather go outside to smoke. So smokers your not the only ones!

  5. Why don’t they ban the sale of cigarettes if it is so bad? It wouldn’t be the tax money would it?
    I don’t buy that second hand smoke hype. I’ll agree it isn’t the best thing for you but if it was so bad wouldn’t most of the smokers be dying before their 60s and 70s? Or does second hand smoke only go to non-smokers? Now that would be unique.

    I don’t like smoky bars and restaurants either. So I go to the next one that isn’t.

    What’s next to ban?

    CA is going to ban some US citizens going to college. They will accept illegal aliens as instate students which means there will be citizens, legal ones, denied an education at a college or university. What’s that saying? Oh yeah, we do it for the children.

    In the Charlotte area over half of the restaurants and bars are non-smoking and it is increasing daily. We don’t have the law but yet they are trying. You probably wouldn’t go into these places when the band takes effect so what difference does it make to you. Don’t say health costs because your state isn’t using the tobacco settlement money for that and you have illegals like crazy sucking the heath system dry.

    You can die must faster with alchohol than second hand smoke. You don’t even have to go to the restaurant or bar to have some drunk crash their car right into you. You say one thing about health and yet go against it on something else. So why are you for banning alchohol in restaurants and bars?

    Until you ban the sale of cigarettes let the establishments decide and let the customers pick where they want to go. If you don’t like the smoke go to the next restaurant.

    I don’t know where you go to eat but the restaurants I have been going to have been non-smoking. Remember it is their right to have and run a business. If you don’t like how it is run go to another one. I believe it is called capitalism.

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