Lance crackers is a North Carolina institution. That’s why Rep. Sue Myrick is going to bat for them on the floor of Congress this afternoon. Here’s what she is going to say:

“Madam Speaker –
I rise today to stand behind Lance Inc., a snack food company based in my district.
Lance is the #1 seller of peanut butter crackers in US grocery stores.  It operates manufacturing plants in seven states.  Lance products can be found in grocery stores, convenience stores, hospitals, schools and vending machines across the country.
Lance products have not been affected by the nationwide peanut butter recall caused by the salmonella outbreak. 
Lance self-manufactures 100% of the peanut butter for all of its products, which includes eight varieties of crackers that use peanut butter.
Their manufacturing process is held to the highest standard, and the company regularly tests its products to ensure continued consumer health and safety.
Lance has also been reviewed and OK’ed by the Food Safety Division of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture to ensure utmost quality and safety.
Parents pack Lance crackers in their children’s lunches every day, and everyday countless numbers of people grab a pack of Lance crackers as an on-the-go snack.
This company is a trusted one because it has built its reputation on putting the consumer first.
The safety of Lance has not been compromised by this recall, and I urge consumers to continue to enjoy all of their favorite Lance products.”

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