Joe Cox is ready to lead Georgia


And according to this AP story, the former Independence High School star is not going to do it quietly.

“I like being vocal,” he said. “I like being loud. That’s just how I play and hopefully if I can transfer that to just a couple other people on the team it could spread like wildfire.  I always looked to Brett Favre and how he played and how he went crazy on the field and that’s just the type of guy I want to be when I play.”

Cox has played three years behind starting QB Matthew Stafford. But Stafford is off to the NFL, and Cox will get a chance his senior season to lead a talented Georgia Bulldogs to a national championship.

5 comments on “Joe Cox is ready to lead Georgia
  1. Im a die hard dawg fan and i just dont know is cox can even lead georgia to a winning season. i hope aaron murray can step in if cox doesnt get the job done.
    But maybe joe will suprise me and the rest of the nation.

    Jake-Ramp 29

  2. It will definitely be a huge change but the bulldog nation needs to be 100% behind him. He has been waiting a long time for this

  3. Remember D.J. Shockley? He sat behind David Greene for 3 years and led the Dawgs to an SEC Championship. In September 05 asked if Shockley was the key to an SEC Championship. He answered that question resoundingly. As Dawg fans we have to remember that we have to win an SEC title before we can start looking toward a championship. No matter what happens it still Great to be a Georgia Bulldawg!

  4. Unfortunatly i personaly dont think hes gonna be a D.J Shockly story. however i do completely belive the dawgs can pull 8 or 9 wins out of the season, on another note i think aaron murray needs to be redshirted for experiance next year, if we can do with what we have this year, and red shirt a few good freshies this year then next year we can do great things b/c we will have AJ Green, Rennie Curran, caleb king, richard samuel, chapas and a very experianced off and def line so im lookin for sec champs 10′ and who knows if we get a little bit of luck whats keeping us from a n’tl title. GO DAWGS!! im out .G.

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