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Independence High School named most improved in state has named Independence High School as the most improved school for the state of North Carolina. Here’s the criteria they used:

These schools showed the greatest improvement in test scores when comparing scores from the most recent year available to the year before. We compared grade-level improvement rather than student group improvement. For example, we […]

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CMS launches new and improved Web site

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools announced today it has launched a new Web site. The last major update was in 2002. CMS will utilize more multi-media functions such as videos, podcasting and blogs and hopes the new Web site will be more user friendly and faster. […]

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Mint Hill Board meetings to begin 30 minutes earlier

Regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Commissioners, held the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, will begin a little earlier.  Beginning with the February 12, 2009 meeting of the Board of Commissioners, all regularly scheduled Mint Hill Board of Commissioners meetings will start at 7 pm. The Board voted at the end of […]

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Why do these snowmen look unhappy?


You would be unhappy too if slowly melting away in 50 degree weather. That’s what it was like for these snowmen in neighborhoods off Brief Road last Thursday. After getting several inches of snow in the Mint Hill area Tuesday, kids quickly built their snowmen. Some, like the ones below, survived several more days before […]

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