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Joe Cox is ready to lead Georgia

And according to this AP story, the former Independence High School star is not going to do it quietly.
“I like being vocal,” he said. “I like being loud. That’s just how I play and hopefully if I can transfer that to just a couple other people on the team it could spread like wildfire.  I […]

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Mint Hill area lottery winners

The N.C. Educational Lottery announced today that three people from this area won significant amounts of cash in the lottery this week. Kebrab Gebrehiwot of Mint Hill won $5,000 in the “$130 Million Blockbuster”; Johnnie Mae Young of Charlotte won $10,000 in the “$200,000 Jackpot”; and Donald Camden of Indian Trail won $5,000 in “Extreme […]

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Myrick introduces amendment to prevent job outsourcing

From Myrick’s Washington office:

[singlepic=273,220,140,,right]US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) will introduce an amendment today that would prevent any company that receives funds as part of the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) from outsourcing any new customer service or call center jobs to a foreign-based company.
“If companies benefit from significant taxpayer funding, they should make every effort to hire American workers. I am not aware of any companies that have received funds that have entered into new contracts with foreign-based customer service centers, but I do know that our constituents have a great deal of skepticism about the program and how their money has been spent,” Rep. Myrick said. […]

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Matthews police warn of uptick in crime

From News 14:
On Monday, a man was robbed at gunpoint while unloading packages from his car. Police say they have seen more crimes like this one in Matthews and the surrounding areas.

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