This year’s election was so big that even the kids turned out in record numbers to vote. The races on the voting ballots included President, Governor, Senate, Congress, General Assembly, County Commission and bonds.

Kids Voting election activity helps students learn life skills, like gathering information, critical thinking and decision making. Students also gain experience in being active voters and citizens.

Kids Voting, a yearlong non-partisan nonprofit program, teaches kindergarten – 12th grade students about citizenship, civic participation and the election process through standards-based classroom lessons, community civics activities, interaction with public officials, service learning and authentic election experiences.

These are the results from the 74,350 votes counted:

Obama 67%
McCain 30%
Barr 3%

Perdue 36%
McCrory 55%
Munger 9 %

Hagan 59%
Dole 33%
Cole 8%