On 11-20-2008 at approximately 11:20 am, Mint Hill Police were dispatched to The Bloom Grocery Store located at 6275 Wilson Grove Road in reference to a larceny of a purse. When officer arrived on[singlepic=386,320,240,,left] scene, he met with the 82-year-old victim (Victim Information is not being released by police for victim protection) who stated that a white female took her purse. The victim described this white female as being in her 40s with dark hair. The victim stated that the suspect began talking to her inside the store while they were walking down an isle together looking for an item. Victim remembers seeing her purse in the cart during this time. Suspect later left the area from the victims location. Five minutes later the victim went to check out and found that her purse was missing from the shopping cart.
While the officer was obtaining further information from the victim, the victim contacted her bank (Bank of America) to put a hold on her account and they advised the victim that a white female had just cashed a $200 check.

Suspect Charlotte Lewis (W-F-47) cashed the check at the bank at approximately 11:42 am the same day. Another $500 check was attempted to be cashed at 12:07 pm by the same suspect at another Bank of America branch, but was denied by staff at this bank.

Surveillance video of the suspect was released on 12-02-2008 and police are asking anyone with information on this suspect to include her whereabouts, contact Mint Hill Police, Detective Lezette, at 704-545-1085.