Members of Mint Hill Middle’s Junior National Honor Society collected pennies, nickels, Mint Hill Middle's Reindeer Raidersdimes and quarters to help the Levine Children’s Hospital — and their efforts really paid off. The schoolwide Reindeer Raiders competition raised $2,527.78 for the hospital in just two weeks. Members visited the hospital on Dec. 13 to turn in their donation. Jen Byrum and Jim Shafer from Lite 102.9 congratulated the students for turning in one of the biggest Reindeer Raiders donations.

The Reindeer Raiders brought in the big money by organizing a The Reindeer Raiders with Jen and Jim from Lite 102.9contest between homerooms. Each homeroom was given a bag to fill with change. The Reindeer Raiders collected and counted the donations every day for two weeks and updated the school on each class’s progress. There were some great rivalries on each grade level and students searched high and low to find change to donate. The winning homerooms for each grade level were awarded doughnuts for their generosity. This is the fourth year Mint Hill Middle has participated in this event.