Mint Hill beauty queen to appear on reality show


Amber Olive, a 10-year-old student at Lebanon Elementary School, recently participated in a new reality TV series called “Little Miss Perfect” on the WeTV network. (The Mint Hill Times profiled Amber in the October 16 edition of the paper.) The show follows child beauty pageant contestants and their families before and after beauty pageants so viewers can see the behind the scenes of the competitions. The show will air in early 2009.

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3 comments on “Mint Hill beauty queen to appear on reality show
  1. im at now 14 years old..
    i was in pageants all my life..
    yeah from time to time is was so much fun!
    but the out coming of it wasnt soo fun after all..
    pagenats just teach u to be greedy and to think highly of urself and lower other people. thats not cool.
    if u just do pageants for fun and not to prove ur “prettier” or a stupid reason like that… pageants can kinda be alright.

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  3. Really I don’t see why so many people are riled up about beauty pageants, don’t see many people complaining about soccer moms and their kids, and other activities that force your kid to be better than others. All competitions force you to want to win, there is seriously something wrong with a person if their goal when entering a competition is just to have fun. I know someone will say that it isn’t true, but think back when was there a time where you didn’t feel the slightest hope of winning, when you didn’t try? Also why is beauty such a problem, I know the fact that these kids getting layered with spray on tan and wearing princess doll dresses is a pretty bad example of beauty, but how different is it compared to parents who want to prove that their kids are the smartest, most athletic or most talented?

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