For Mint Hill resient Sharon Decker, this time of year always bring back memories of listening at the[singlepic=363,320,240,,right] window for a fire truck to rumble by the foster home she was living in. Decker has never forgotten how it felt the moment Christmas literally arrived at the doorstep, and someone cared.
Now the Mint Hill resident is trying to make sure disadvantaged children in the community don’t go without the things they need, plus a treat or two.
Decker is rallying her neighbors in Ashe Plantation to participate in a gift drive for two families with children at Bain Elementary School.
Decker hopes this will inspire other neighborhoods to do the same. She has a team working with her on the event.
On December 14, they’ll gather donations for the families in Ashe Plantation.
Santa will arrive on a fire truck from Mint Hill Fire Department and the Mint Hill Police officers will escort the truck with Santa into the neighborhood. After the gifts are dropped off to Santa, the families at Ashe Plantation will then take a hayride through the neighborhood to see to the holiday lights and sang Christmas Carols.
The entrance into Ashe Plantation is designed to look like an old Southern Plantation.
Decker said one of the families didn’t even ask for toys or food, just a few warm shirts and mittens. “It’s just heartbreaking when you think about children’s basic needs not being met,” Decker said.
Decker is no stranger to the community service. She believes in acts of kindness to reach out to people. She wanted to give something back because she said God has been so gracious to her.
This is the second year that Decker and Ashe Plantation has reached out to the families at Bain Elementary School she hopes this will go on for years to come.
For more details go to all the needs are on the home page or contact, Sharon Decker at, or call 704-573-2245
Santa will be in Ashe Plantation at 5:00 p.m. on December 14. The Bell family is hosting the event at Quarters Lane. All are welcome.