Gas price puzzler

Over this weekend, area gas prices were in the $2.49 per gallon range. This extended from Mint Hill as far south as Westinghouse Boulevard (Exit 1 off I-77). Crossing the state line to Carowinds Blvd—just an eye blink away—gas prices were $2.29 per gallon. At the next exit, in Tega Cay, prices were in the mid $1.90s per gallon range. Even factoring in South Carolina’s less expensive gasoline tax, I still find myself wondering how just a handful of miles can equate to a .50 cents or more difference in gasoline prices.

One comment on “Gas price puzzler
  1. I agree this really makes no sense. My wife works in Fort Mill, SC and she is have been paying .30 cents less on average. Maybe there is an extra gas tax at I-485/Exit 41.

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