[singlepic=194,220,140,,right]It was a short night for Independence quarterback Anthony Carrothers. Carrothers threw for 209 yards and a touchdown on 12 complete passes in the first quarter Monday against Myers Park’s defense. The junior quarterback threw for 296 yards in the first half and finished with 318 yards.

Back-up quarterback P.J. Jackson took a majority of the snaps in the second half, and Independence won 55-15.

Carrothers credits his receivers for making the big plays, big catches and putting some points on the scoeboard. One of the targets tonight was receiver Kierre Brown. Brown caught eight passes for 164 yards, including a 47-yard touchdown.

“It’s nice when you have three or four guys to throw it to,” Carrothers said.

Knotts praised offensive lineman Ryan Thompson after the game for his performance against Myers Park defensive end Brian Johnson. Knotts said Thompson frustrated the talented defensive end to the point where he was taken out in the second quarter.

Thompson has been a Patriot captain every week, and the team picks captains based on performance.

“Every week his performance is incredible,” Knotts said. “it’s incredible to me that guy can play at such a high level every week on offense and defense. I haven’t had anybody perform like that in quite a while.”

Independence has a game Friday against Ardrey Kell to end its three-game week. Knotts said his players are resilient when it comes to football, but they still need to stay on top of their schoolwork and prepare for the SAT.