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Name of beauty contestant revealed!

We've had several phone calls today alerting us to who was in this photo. It was taken by photographer Richard Holtzclaw of Mint Hill. Merle Austin Haney told us it was Ann Ross Maxwell and the picture was taken as Ross was being crowned Carrousel Queen in 1948.

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Meck. County capital improvement projects now online

Want to know about capital improvement plans in Mecklenburg? The County finally combined the information into an easy to use Web site. One project is the Ezelle Park in Mint Hill. County officials met Monday with town officials to discuss moving forward with the project. Mayor Ted Biggers said even if the $250 million […]

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Biggers endorses Myrick

Seventeen past and present mayors of towns in Rep. Sue Myrick’s district have endorsed her candidacy, including Mint Hill Mayor Ted Biggers. Here’s the full list: […]

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UFO sighted last night in Mint Hill area?

Notice anything unusual in the skies last night? A man from Mint Hill thinks he saw a UFO. The man didn’t leave his name, but he did leave this report on

But below Orion’s belt (or what I think is Orion) I saw a small cluster of stars. It looked pretty, but I couldn’t say I saw that ever before. I thought it must be some constellation I didn’t know. But it was about 5-7 stars in a group. I decided to watch in for a few moments when I noticed that the stars were moving. The group of stars moved as a whole across the night sky. They seemed very far away and difficult to be certain at first, but they moved as a group in different directions. […]

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