3 comments on “Madness 2008 pet show
  1. I really wish I could have been there! The photos and music were wonderful! The dogs were cute, funny & good sports!!
    The Mint Hill Animal Clinic annual dog show is great for the community. I live on the west coast and nothing like this is done here. To me it says alot about the clinic staff they really love animals and their community. I heard about this event thru my sister Dr. Janet Gerardot-Stipp DVM. I’m not in any way biased because she’s my sister and it is her clinic! Well maybe a little bit, but there is no exageration in her love for animals and her community. Hope to be there next year that is as long as she doesn’t kill me for this comment!

  2. One more thing. The pets were absolutely priceless. Whether you won or not that day, you are winners with pets like those!! So adorable!!!

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