[singlepic=272,320,240,,center]Is there a neighborhood in Mint Hill with a social committee as active as Heathfield. Pam Baetz of Heathfield sent us this about their annual Tractor Race and Chili Cook-Off. Somewhere Hank Hill is smiling.

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The Heathfield Social Committee sponsored the Second annual Tractor Race and Chili Cook-Off for the Heathfield community in Mint Hill on Saturday, October 25. In the Heathfield 500 tractor race, awards were given for “Fastest Tractor,” “Best Decorated Tractor” and “Smartest Driver.” In addition to racing, drivers had to make pit-stops along the way to answer trivia questions asked by their neighbors. This year’s trivia theme was the 2008 political race. George Mueller won “Fastest Tractor,” Matt Parrott won “Best Decorated Tractor” and Ed Baetz won “Smartest Driver.”

The Chili Cook-Off was also a huge success! Neighbors entered their best chili recipes to be judged by a[singlepic=271,200,120,,right] group of their peers. Melinda Johanson won “Best Chili Recipe”and Kathy Ramyar won “Most Unique Recipe.”

The annual decorating contest winner was also announced at the event. Mike and Lisa Teti won the “Best Fall Decorations” award.