Butler-South Meck game notes

  • For the second consecutive week, a Butler player ran over two opposing players in the open field on his way to the end zone. Last week Jawaun Edwards took out East Meck players; Friday, quarterback Christian LeMay[singlepic=267,320,240,,right] bowled over two South Meck players on his way for 6 points. Both players are just sophomores. ALL PHOTOS BY Mark Sward swardpics.com.
  • The Bulldogs are 9-0 for the first time in school history and with just one game left–next week at Weddington–a November 7 showdown with an undefeated Independence at Memorial Stadium looks likely. Coach Mike Newsome said if both teams meet undefeated, it could be the biggest game in Mecklenburg County history.
  • If you think the varsity team has been awesome this year, take a look at the JV team. They have outscored opponents 240-16 this season, and have shut out six of their eight opponents. The JV team beat South Meck Thursday 47-0.
  • Sabre Running back Tim Palmer injured his leg in the first half and had to leave the game. The Sabres could have used his speed in the second half–especially knowing that they can’t pass the ball. Even parents in the stands were shouting for the Sabres to pass the ball. It’s difficult to pass, however, when you give up more sacks than you have passing attempts.

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