A Winston-Salem man became a millionaire last week when he won in the North Carolina Educational Lottery. Does it seem like most winners come from places other than the Charlotte area? Conspiracy? Doubtful, but it is an interesting coincidence. The NCEL press release:

Winston-Salem Man Plans to ‘Enjoy Life’ After Winning $1 Million

RALEIGH- A Winston-Salem man is still somewhat in disbelief that an unscheduled stop at a convenience store lead to him winning $1 million on the $130 Million Blockbuster instant scratch-off ticket. Jeffrey Allen Gilley said he normally would not be in that area of town, but due to some family matters he was.

While in the Wilco on Peters Creek Parkway, Gilley decided to get one of the new “$130 Million Blockbuster” instant scratch-off tickets. He scratched the ticket while in the store and could not believe what he uncovered on the ticket.

“My knees buckled,” Gilley explained. “I ran out of the store, locked myself in the car and signed the back of the ticket.”

Gilley has already received his first of 20 annuity payments of $50,000 (less Federal and State withholdings). When asked what he would do with the prize money Gilley said he plans to “enjoy life and his family.” He said he may take his wife on vacation.
The “$130 Million Blockbuster” instant scratch-off game is the highest payout instant scratch-off ticket that the NCEL has introduced to date. There are still seven of the
$1 million prizes available. The $1 million prize is paid in 20 annual installments of $50,000 (less Federal and State withholdings). There also are tens of thousands of other prizes in the game. In addition, toward the end of the game there will be a drawing for one prize of $50,000 a year “for life” with a minimum payout of 20 years. The NCEL has paid out more than $33 million in prizes on the ticket that first went on sale Aug. 5.