What’s with the tree clearing?

If you’ve driven on Albemarle Road between Blair and Rocky River Church roads, you may have notice the massive clearing of trees on the northeast side of the street. Mecklenburg County planning department said several people have called inquiring about the property. Most were wondering if it was being cleared for a Wal-Mart. Alysia Osborne with the Mecklenburg County planning department told us what’s going in on the site. And it’s not a Wal-Mart. A permit was granted July 25 for grading to begin on the property, she said. Developers are going to build multi family homes. There was talk about Wal-Mart building in Mint Hill along Albemarle Road, but town officials were luke-warm at best about the idea.

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  1. Are you friggin kidding me?! I live in Rocky Ridge, right behind where they have cleared out this land…. We’ve been told it was going to be a shopping center, sorta like the corner of Lawyers Rd and Stevens Mill…. “Multi-Family Homes” Thats just great… there goes OUR neighborhood…. time to sell… What in the world is a “multi-family” home anyway?!

  2. If they are clearing out all of the trees and it is suppose to be “Multi-Family” then I bet it is an apartment complex. I sure hope this report is wrong. I’m hoping for a shopping center. A grocery and drug store would be nice.

  3. at least lets hope its an “upscale” sort of apartment complex, mixed with retail and office space… doesnt make sense for something like that to be out in the sticks of Mecklenburg County, but then again, doesnt make sense for any “low income” apartments either… so, HOPEFULLY the developer will at least do it justice and it will be nice and thrown in a grocery store, etc…

  4. I agree with you 100%. There is a nice apartment/shopping complex on Harris across from Wachovia. If we get something like that I personally believe it would be an asset to the area. I just wish we could see some plans or something. It just seems like everything is done without public knowledge. That is what is making me nervous.

  5. yeah, exactly.. the neighbors have around 20ft between them and the contstruction, and nobody ever contacted a single person in this neighborhood about what was going on… its not like we could stop it anyway, but sure we be nice to at least know details… its so secretive… nobody seems to REALLY know what its going to be…

  6. This is supposed to be high end apartment homes (rent in the 1000′s) with a high scale food lion/bloom shopping center. if not a food lion/bloom, then it’ll be aldi’s.

  7. I’m pretty sure that developer does build up-scale apartments. If in doubt, read the sign and call the developer! The first building to be completed is usually the club house. When it’s ready and operational, you can go in and view pictures of what the entire complex will look like. The location is very convienent for I-485 / Concord / Harrisburg / University areas AND the new hospital. If there is a grocery store, I would LOVE to have our Harris Teeter back!

  8. There was to be a Super Walmart on Albemarle Rd. just past Wilgrove Mint Hill Rd. It would have had 3 other large anchor stores plus 12 perimeter shops covering 60 acres. It would have been called
    Carriker Crossing. It would have elimated the run down trailer park that police routinely get called to for crime and it would have been great for the local economy. It would give Mint Hill an expanded tax base, and 400 new jobs. From the beginning, Mayor Biggers was against it. ( He supposedly knows what his voters want) His planing board was against it because they say what he tells them. He told the Lauth Corporation who was to be the developer to go out into the community and prove that the people wanted this. They did. EVERYONE they spoke to was for this project. When Lauth went back to Biggers, He simply told them His position had not changed. Thats the way it works in Mint Hill, They all do the BOSS tells them. This is the second time Walmart has tried to locate within the Mint Hill limits in 5 years. The first time it was at 485 and Albemarle Rd. One of the board members sent an email to Walmart that said We don’t want your knid of people in our neighborhood. This wasn’t to be the average store. They were going to buy the land instead of lease because they intended to stay and be a part of the community. Walmart contributes greatly to the local community and they are the most successful retail company in the world. Biggers would have us believe that Mint Hill doesn’t want this kind of business. They would rather have the kind that owes thousands to local businesses and recently became one of the largest bankruptcy in American history. They were to build the Bridges of Mint Hill. The voters in Mint Hill need to know how much business has been turned away from Mint Hill. Actually told to go buy land elsewhere. Biggers just told Mint Hill he wasn’t going to raise taxes because he used $600,000.00 from the general fund instead. Wait until next year. Just watch the proposed new nuisance ordinance and the tree ordinance. You might not have to raise taxes if you collect enough fines. Does this sound like what led to the Boston Tea Party? The new tree ordinance will make that much more difficult for any new business. Ask anybody in business about Mint Hill and they will tell you that Mint Hill does about everything they can to discourage new business. I hope the people of Mint Hill remember this when they vote this November.

  9. Who wants another freaking Walmart? I can already get to 3 or 4 of them within 15 minutes. 2 of them within 10 minutes. Soon enough it would become just another place to get carjacked or robbed. Plus the traffic would have been sick. Mayor Biggers made the correct decision.

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