It’s Mint Hill Madness, and it’s time for The Mint Hill Times annual complimentary issue. Also, Look for The Times’ booth this weekend at Mint Hill Madness.

[singlepic=172,220,140,,right]This week’s paper:

  • Read what Mayor Ted Biggers says about how the economic downturn is affecting Mint Hill, and what effect the delay of the mall is having. “When you put everything in perspective, (the mall) will not have an impact on us as far as continuing to be a low tax, nice place to live.”
  • Adam Houston reports the town commissioners are taking the mall construction delay in stride.
  • Columnist Leslie Southerland says she’s getting a little tired of the presidential campaign. “I hope I can make a decision about who I think is truly the best candidate. And if not, I’ll revert back to my 13-year-old rebellion and vote for the one nobody wants me to vote for.”
  • Columnist John Hood has an answer to the recent gas lines: let stations charge market prices without being accused of price gouging.

  • Adam Houston reports Mint Hill Police celebrates its sixth year as a police force tomorrow. The department also purchased two new Dodge Chargers to add to its fleet.
  • Mrs. Peck’s Computer Applications class at Butler High School published letters it wrote about September 11 memories.
  • Photographer Jim Young has a photo spread of last weekend’s Discover Mint Hill.
  • Adam Houston explains how Mint Hill’s downtown will change in the next few years. An awesome map helps show where new developments are headed.
  • Tim Long reports on the historical society’s new five-year plan. The society will focus on seven areas of improvement over the next five years.
  • Read about the bands highlighting this year’s Madness entertainment schedule.
  • Ed Tetenbaum, the Mint Hill Wanderer, describes what and where downtown was at the turn of the century. It wasn’t at the Lawyers and Matthews-Mint Hill roads intersection.
  • Adam Houston reports on 83-year-old pool player Mildred Nooning at Levine Senior Center. Nooning loves the game, but hates being handed a win.
  • Adam Houston reports on the Butler women’s golf team. This second year-program could provide a player with a college scholarship.