gas-pump.jpgSome drove until their tanks were empty while some people were driven to the pumps by panic. Why did this happen to such a large population in a growing region? Three Mint Hill residents didn’t have the answers but know they weren’t satisfied with anything they’ve heard so far. Mint Hill resident Angie Milleman waited two hours at one station. She said the government isn’t telling the whole truth about the situation. Henry Villatoro said the gas station owners know more about the situation than they tell people. Karen Brown has heard conflicting reports for why we have lines at the pump. Was it Hurricane Ike or were people topping off their tanks because of panic caused the long lines for gas.

“I think it’s a combination of both,” she said. “I think people have gone nuts because of Hugo.” Hurricane Hugo left the Queen City without power for weeks after it hit in 1989.

“I keep asking the same question,” Villatoro said. “How are they going to have gasoline last week (after the hurricane hit), but not have it this week?”

The answer is still unclear, but he knew one thing was for sure.

“If you have gas, you better treat that like gold today.”