Gennadiy RizhkovIon Svet

Mint Hill Police arrested Ion Svet, 27, and Gennadiy Rizhkov, 25, Saturday in connection with an alleged rape on Carving Tree Lane. Svet and Rizhkov were caught at 5709 Matthews-Mint Hill Road hiding under a deck one hour after the incident was reported.

Officers were dispatched to Carving Tree Lane at 9:43 pm to investigate the incident after the victim escaped from Svet and Rizhkov, and she broke a window pane on a neighbor’s home. Police officers were dispatched an hour later to 5709 Matthews-Mint Hill Road to investigate two unknown men in the home’s backyard. Officers found Svet and Rizhkov hiding under the home’s deck.

Both men were detained and later arrested for their alleged involvement with the rape. Both are being held without bond in Mecklenburg County Jail under charges of first degree rape and aggravated assault on a female. Rizhkov was arrested August 19 for driving while impaired.

The victim was transported to Presbyterian Hospital that night and was released the next day. Mint Hill Police did not release the victim’s name.