Lawyers Road sidewalk postponed, again

The Board of Commissioners deferred a decision on the proposed sidewalk connecting The Traditions at Lawyers and Brighton Park. The decision was deferred so the board can determine the safest location for the sidewalk intersection. The project will be discussed September 25 at the next board meeting.

Read more about the sidewalk September 18 in The Mint Hill Times.

One comment on “Lawyers Road sidewalk postponed, again
  1. I totally agree with Commissioner Mickey Ellington. Mint Hill needs to build more sidewalks as quickly as possible. The Danbrooke Park neighborhood needs a sidewalk from Danbrooke Park Road to the shopping centers at the corner. I see lots of people trying to navigate the narrow shoulder of about a foot wide on Lawyers Road, and this is extremely dangerous. I think more people in this neighborhood would leave their polluting cars parked if they had a safe way to walk to the stores just up the street. I know I would!

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