In this week’s Mint Hill Times

Madness is coming. Brace yourself.

This week in The Mint Hill Times:

mint-hill-idlewild-30.jpg•Tim reports on Idlewild Baptist’s 30th anniversary. The Rev. Michael Owens said the church, chartered in 1978, is blessed to have its strong membership.

•Adam reports the Lawyers Road sidewalk project was postponed by the Board of Commissioners. The board will revisit the issue in October.

•Adam reports on Monroe resident Garland Denny’s effort to increase benefits for veterans. Denny wants to create a new federal program to raise the necessary funds.

•Columnist D.G. Martin offers presidential candidate Barack Obama advice he collected over the years from some old school North Carolina politicians. He said Obama needs to have a sense of humor.

•Tim and Adam preview and recap Butler and Independence football. Butler takes on West Charlotte tonight at 7 pm on Senior Drive, and Independence travels to Vance. That game also starts at 7 pm.

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