If you think you have it bad trying to find gas these days, imagine trying to buy 18,000 gallons at a time like CMS!

CMS will purchase 18,000 gallons of diesel fuel from the Charlotte Area Transit System Sept. 24 to help keep school buses running throughout the rest of the week.
CMS received 30,000 gallons of fuel Friday, Sept. 19, 15,000 gallons Monday, Sept. 22, and 15,000 gallons today. The district is still not on its regular fuel-delivery schedule.
Guy Chamberlain, associate superintendent for auxiliary services, said with today’s deliveries and fuel from CATS, the district has enough fuel to transport students through Sept. 26. Chamberlain said that there is a shortage in the Charlotte region and CMS trucks were sent to Spartanburg, SC to obtain fuel.
No restrictions on school-bus travel are currently in place. CMS will continue to evaluate fuel supplies daily and will adjust bus travel accordingly.