More like $375,152 that Sherrel Parrott of Matthews won at Frazier’s Grocery on Lawyers Road (at the corner of I-485).

From the NC Educational Lottery press release:

Sherrel Parrott of Matthews usually picks her own numbers when she plays “Carolina Cash 5,” but she was in a hurry on Sept. 23 when she stopped by Frazier’s Grocery in Charlotte. (Editor’s note: the store is actually in Union County.)

Parrott says she asked the cashier for a quick-pick (computer generated) ticket instead, and that night, as she watched the “Carolina Cash 5” drawing on television, she was in disbelief when she saw the numbers on her ticket matched the ones drawn.

Parrott’s ticket matched all five white balls drawn to win the top prize of $375,152! She says she immediately called her son to tell him the news and then drove to his house to double check the ticket. Parrott plans to use her winnings to help her family.