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Just another morning in Manhattan

[singlepic=134,220,140,,left]Today marks an historic day in America. The world stopped seven years ago and watched the horror unfold at Ground Zero, the Pentagon, and in a field in Pennsylvania. No American will forget where they were when they heard news of the attacks—just like nobody living in 1963 forgets where they were when President Kennedy was assassinated.

The Mint Hill Times interviewed area resident Rick Malatestinic two years ago about his involvement with the rescue and recovery operations at Ground Zero. Malatestinic was a volunteer firefighter on Long Island, New York.
“It was like a dream. It wasn’t real,” he said. “I just couldn’t believe something like that was really happening.” […]

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This week in The Mint Hill Times…

The Big I looks good. Butler looks good. Mint Hill has some of the best football in the country, and the Mint Hill Times has it covered.

This week’s Mint Hill Times:


Adam reports on Mint Hill Library manager Neily Trump’s upcoming retirement. Trump has been with the Mint Hill branch for 12 years.
Mint Hill Mountaineers head […]

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Armed robbery last night

Mint Hill Police are looking for two men who last night held up the B’s Coin Laundry on Margaret Wallace Road. Police say two black males walked up to an employee who was talking to a customer outside the store. The men displayed handguns, then directed the employee to go back into the store. […]

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Dollar General hit again

Just two weeks ago, a man robbed the safe at the Dollar General on Lawyers Road. Last weekend, the store was robbed again. This time it was an African American man—with an accomplice—who grabbed the cash out of the register. […]

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