In this week’s Mint Hill Times

The mall might be stalled, but Mint Hill still has a lot to celebrate.

In this week’s Mint Hill Times:

  • Adam Houston reports Bain Elementary will get a completely new building by 2010; this, along with the new high school means Mint Hill will have two new schools in two years.
  • Tim Long reports Discover Mint Hill is close to a reality. The event, scheduled the Saturday before Mint Hill Madness, will show off Mint Hill’s best cultural institutions. And there’s lots (and we mean lots) of prizes they are giving away.
  • Adam Houston reports on the Chamber’s preparation for Mint Hill Madness: “We’re up to our armpits in alligators,” Madness man Jack Bryan said.
  • Tim Long reports coach Mike Newsome liked what he saw in Butler’s victory over North Meck last week: “The defense was dominant,” Newsome said.
  • Adam Houston reports Mint Hill Arts will recognize their first year in the Grace building by publishing a book.
  • Great pics from Matthews Alive

Madison coach: Let’s play in Atlanta

The Tallahasee Democrat reports Madison Coach Frankie Carroll tried to get Independence to move the game to a Saturday and to meet half way:

Carroll said he spoke with Independence head coach Tom Knotts about other alternatives, but Knotts told him the final decision was out of his hands. “Playing on Saturday was OK with him, and we were fine with that,” Carroll said. “I told him we could meet in Atlanta and play in a corn field.”