Former Miss USA and Big I grad dating Twins star

Chelsea Cooley

Chelsea Cooley, born in Mint Hill and an Independence High School grad, is rumored to be dating Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins. Mauer, whose Twins played the Chicago White Sox last night for a chance to reach the playoffs, was the American League batting champion two of the last three seasons. Cooley has appeared on David Letterman and Deal or no Deal in addition to winning Miss USA in 2005. She now is a partner in Standout Productions, a leadership consulting firm.

Cooley and Mauer have not offically announced they are dating, but the chatter on Twins message boards would suggest they are an item.

Last year, former Butler student and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker began dating tennis superstar Andy Roddick.


Home prices fall

It’s not enough Washington needs to bailout Wall Street, Wachovia has been gobbled up by Citigroup, and we have to wait in line to pay $4 a gallon for gas. The Charlotte Business Journal reports home prices for the Charlotte market fell 1.8 percent in July from the same month last year.


Mint Hill’s gas madness

gas-pump.jpgSome drove until their tanks were empty while some people were driven to the pumps by panic. Why did this happen to such a large population in a growing region? Three Mint Hill residents didn’t have the answers but know they weren’t satisfied with anything they’ve heard so far. Mint Hill resident Angie Milleman waited two hours at one station. She said the government isn’t telling the whole truth about the situation. Henry Villatoro said the gas station owners know more about the situation than they tell people. Karen Brown has heard conflicting reports for why we have lines at the pump. Was it Hurricane Ike or were people topping off their tanks because of panic caused the long lines for gas.

“I think it’s a combination of both,” she said. “I think people have gone nuts because of Hugo.” Hurricane Hugo left the Queen City without power for weeks after it hit in 1989.

“I keep asking the same question,” Villatoro said. “How are they going to have gasoline last week (after the hurricane hit), but not have it this week?”

The answer is still unclear, but he knew one thing was for sure.

“If you have gas, you better treat that like gold today.”


Economist: Wachovia deal “big blow” to NC

The Charlotte Business Journal reports NC State economist (and Weekly Post columnist) Mike Walden thinks Wachovia’s takeover by Citigroup will hurt Charlotte and North Carolina’s economy.

He expects Wachovia’s investment bankers will either lose their jobs or be moved to New York. For every job lost in Charlotte, Walden expects up to another one-half job to be lost.


Mad(ness) cows strike!

Drop free stuff from a helicopter and watch people go crazy! That’s what happened at Mint Hill Madness last Saturday when Chick-fil-A sent stuffed cows floating down by parachute on to Fairview Park. (VIDEO by Tim Long, The Mint Hill Times)


Civitas: NC healthcare on “downward spiral”

The Civitas Institute released a study saying NC helathcare is on the wrong path.

A compilation of several major health care indicators reveals that state policies designed to improve health care in North Carolina have failed. Health insurance costs are rising more rapidly than the national average, more children lack health coverage and the most vulnerable in our state have less access to care, according to a study recently released by the Civitas Institute.