Top five lottery winners from 28227

(Eds. note: We posted numbers two hours ago; after checking with the lottery officials, they said they ran the wrong report. Here’s the right report.)

Ever wonder who in Mint Hill have won the most money in the NC Education Lottery? Sorry to say, there haven’t been any million dollar winners, but there has been $100,000 winner. In order of amount:

  1. Toni Crago $125,000, Pit Stop – 9100 Lawyers Road , Mint Hill
  2. Robert Giglio $10,003, Earps BP – 4215 Wilgrove – Mint Hill Rd., Mint Hill
  3. Michelle Tucker $10,000, Xpress Stop – 9731 Idlewild Rd., Mint Hill
  4. Judith Weber $10,000, Food Lion – 9021 Albemarle Rd., Charlotte
  5. Luciano Santiago $10,000, Sam’s Mart – 9025 Mallard Creek Rd. Charlotte
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One comment on “Top five lottery winners from 28227
  1. I’d be interested to see how much each of them had spent on tickets in order to eventually win the lottery…

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