Mint Hill: the new Meck Arts enclave

Terry Edward's art will be on display at Sunday Afternoon in the Park

Terry Edwards art will be on display at Sunday Afternoon in the Park

Just a few years ago, there were many artists in Mint Hill, but nowhere for them to show off their works or mingle with like-minds. Times are changing, however. This Sunday, the town is sponsoring Sunday Afternoon in the Park from 1-6 pm at the Park on Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road. Also Mint Hill Arts announced their fall lineup of classes.

In addition to artists, potters and jewelery makers at Sunday Afternoon in the Park, there will be music, free children’s activities, portrait painters and of course food. Many of the artists in Mint Hill Arts will be there showing their creations and techniques. According to, it should be a nice cool day (for August at least!). And speaking of Mint Hill Arts, here’s a list of the upcoming classes at the for the young Arts organization. Go to the Mint Hill Arts Web site to register for the classes.


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