MH Police release pics of suspects

[singlepic=49,220,140,,left]Mint Hill Police released photos from the Harris Teeter surveillance camera at 15007 John J. Delaney Drive of suspects in last Tuesday morning’s multiple break ins. The video was taken at 5:10 am Tuesday morning just after the 16 break ins Monday in the Jefferson Colony and Glencroft subdivisions, as well as South Hampton Road. A credit card was stolen out of one of the cars broken into, and used at the Harris Teeter than morning. The Mint Hill Police Department is requesting anyone with information to please call our office at 704-545-1085. Anyone with information may remain anonymous.

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One comment on “MH Police release pics of suspects
  1. Friday, 8/29 there was a break in at an outside shed on Hollow Oak Dr. and police apprehended the alleged perpetratrators. After having a few e-mail conversations, this week…NO ONE here in the Farmwood East neighborhood seems overly concerned, re: whom did this, and what will become of them. Odd…we are all lemmings becoming emotionally hardned and tuned out to this constant uptick in crime. I guess we should just expect to have our property broken into and stolen…ho-hum…no big deal.

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