Superintendent Gorman

Superintendent Gorman

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools announced new rules and procedures for verifying student-athlete eligibility.

“I think we’ve moved to the next step,” said Dr. Peter Gorman, CMS superintendent. “You can never resolve something that has on-going monitoring and compliance, you’ll just continue to have to check on it.”

CMS accepted every recommendation from the 24-member committee put together to tackle the system’s eligibility issues during the last school year.

The committee recommended 11 changes to minimize future athletic eligibility problems. The committee recommended using technology and a more efficient paper trail to track movement within CMS, developing a whistle-blowing hot line, shifting to full-time athletic directors, and signed honor codes for student-athletes, parents and coaches.

Gorman said eligibility will become less of an issue, but CMS still needs keep a watchful eye.

“I can no longer say I know a kid is eligible—now I’m checking,” said Greg Clewis, athletic director at Myers Park High and the secretary of the Southwestern 4A conference.