Speaking of demolishing existing structures to build something new and improved (see town hall post) Ty and company from Extreme Makeover are going to demolish a house on Sudbury Road (near Eastland Mall) today and rebuild it in seven days. Meanwhile, the King family, owners of the house, will vacation in Puerto Rico for the week.

Rib Hillis interviews one of the kids for the program.

Extreme's Rib Hillis interviews one of the kids.

Seven days? Wow. Stay tuned for pics…

Extreme Makeover Press release:

Today, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” traveled to Charlotte to announce to the King Family that their home infected with a hazardous mold that’s threatening their community as well as their children’s health will be demolished and rebuilt in only seven days.
A single mother at age 15, Alisha King understands the importance of having a support system of family and friends during parenthood. She received help while raising Justin and was able to work several part time jobs and attend college. Her dream has always been to give single parents a safe, nurturing, and affordable daycare that provides clothing, food, overnight care, mentoring, and constant education to the children. Her marriage to co-worker Curtis King in 1997 led to the birth of Kirkland and a new residence in Charlotte, North Carolina; where she finally opened “Step By Step Home Daycare.” Though Alisha and Curtis went through many financial hardships, they always managed to selflessly give back to their community and maintain their daycare. Today they have 11 children in their daycare system on the clock and many in their home after hours, free of charge. However, the condition of their home is putting their daycare and daughter Laila’s health in jeopardy. The mold has sent her to the hospital several times with asthma attacks, and it does not pose a healthy environment for the rest of the children when combined with the cramped quarters, and lack of heat, air conditioning, and gas. It is up to Ty and his designers to step in to save their home and daycare center that continuously helps the community.
While Ty and the designers, local builder American Heartland Homebuilder and developer JED Development, and hundreds of volunteers and workers are rebuilding their home, the King family will go on vacation to Puerto Rico.
This is the second time American Heartland Homebuilder has been asked by the show to build a home for a family in need. The builder also contributed in 2006 for a family in Detroit.
The design team for this episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” will feature team leader Ty Pennington and designers Michael Moloney, Ed Sanders, Rib Hillis and Didiayer Snyder.
The location address is: The King Family, 4214 Sudbury Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28205.