CMS story on Mint Hill’s Tiffany Hacker

Mint Hill native Tiffany Hacker, who the Mint Hill Times featured three weeks ago, got a nice little story on the CMS web site Friday. Hacker won the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship and is using it to study murals in Southeast Asia. She currently attends the National University of Singapore where she is working on a second master’s degree.

In last week’s Mint Hill Times, Hacker wrote a guest column on why it is good for college students to study in Asia.

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One comment on “CMS story on Mint Hill’s Tiffany Hacker
  1. I read the column in the paper; it was very interesting and did a good job of highlighting the newest educational trend–seeking a more rounded, international education. Hopefully more students will follow in her footsteps in the upcoming years.

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